Liam’s birth story

It’s taken me 3months to find time to write this up. Such is my life right now.

Here is the story of how my second little man made his entrance into the world.

My due date was Monday, May 7th. It was now Wednesday the 9th and still no babe (as expected). I was at the doctor, and we made the decision to have me induced the following day.

That night we took Avery out for icecream as a last celebration of just the three of us.

We headed into the hospital for 930am. It was a nerve wracking drive in the best of ways.

We got into labor and delivery, and I was given a lovely room immediately. They popped my water around 1030am. Since that did not start labor on its own, they gave me a dose of oxytocin (I believe) around 1045.

I remember laying on the bed playing Mario on the DS, waiting for contractions to start.

Stronger contractions started coming around 1230. I would say by 130, they were practically on top of one another. I was sitting on a yoga ball hunched over the end of the bed.

The nurses were the most lovely. They continued to support me and tell me I was doing a fantastic job.  I would say thank you every time, and they thought I was just the sweetest for saying that during labor. Always have to use those manners!

With Avery, I had an episiotomy. With Liam I did not, and it was 100 times more painful pushing him out. I mean, in hindsight that seems pretty obvious, but at the time I was shocked my second birth would be MORE intense, in terms of ‘the ring of fire’.

Liam was born at 3:34pm weighing 8lbs 4oz.

I didn’t tear during birth, but I had what they called ‘grazes’ or ‘skidmarks’. Not the poop kind. It’s when the internal pressure causes rips on the surface. Imagine pushing on playdoh and the cracks on top.

Healing hurt way more than the first time around. Even though those first 2 weeks seemed to drag on with every excruciating pee, even in the bath to have some relief, it is luckily a distant memory.

Liam slept through the night since day 1. I was so proud. It was also my first night away from Avery, but he was a champ of course.

3 months later and they still love each other so immensely. Liam smiles so fondly at his brother, and Avery loves to hug, kiss, and dance with him.

I’m so excited to see their friendship and brother-bond blossom. Any fears I had have been wiped away completely. I can see just how much Liam enriches Avery`s life, and all of our lives. It also helps that Avery constantly tells me how happy he is that Liam is here! Going from 1-2 kids has honestly been a really smooth transition for us.

My story with Liam is a completely wonderful memory, and I am thankful to have had 2 amazing experiences.




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